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India is famous for almost every section from politics to business. If it is telecom, the battle is really impressive. In India, Airtel is one of the largest telecom networks since long. It is also leading telecom network in the whole country. Since long lots of people have shown their trust on that network. Like others, Airtel has both prepaid and postpaid plans. After the launch of Jio in India, Airtel stated to provide lots of facility in the form of calling, data, SMS, and others for all in postpaid and prepaid as well. However, the postpaid has lots of varieties. Airtel 649 My Plan Infinity is one of the same.

It is right that every customer whatever he is a postpaid or prepaid are equally important to this big giant, yet with due respect, postpaid customers are exclusively more valuable to the company itself. Now I am gonna discuss one of the most important plans name 649 My Plan Infinity.

What is 649 My Plan Infinity

Airtel launches various plans for various customers. One of its important plans group is My Plan Infinity. In the My Plan family, the customer has a choice to convert his plan benefit according to his demand. Normally my plan starts at INR 99, but there are some popular plans like INR 399, 499, 649, 799 and 1199 as usual. However, the new 649 is probably the best among this group.

Airtel 649 is a My Plan Infinity plan which is duly designed for all types of customers whether he is a student or a business holder. According to the company, it is one of the best selling plans now. This plan has lots of offerings which the company never provided before. Let’s see what are the new things in this plan!

Plan Name – My Plan Infinity

  • Plan Amount – INR 649
  • Duration – One billing cycle (30 days)
  • Number of Connection – 2 (add-on)
  • Calling Facility – Unlimited
  • National and Local SMS – 100/Day
  • Data Type – 3G/4G
  • Data Limit – 50 GB per Month with Rollover facility
  • Incoming at Roaming  – Free
  • Outgoing in Roaming – Free

What is Detail Plan Benefit of Airtel 649 My Plan Infinity

As Airtel is the biggest telecom giant in India, all offers have the biggest impact as usual. This plan has lots of benefits which I discussed earlier like unlimited local and STD calls, Data 50 GB which means 1.67GB per day and the method is rollover which means unused data will be added with next month. Apart from it, unlimited local and STD call even in roaming. The SMS facility is as usual 100/day whether it is national or local. The most attractive part of this plan is you can get another add-on connection with the unlimited call within this plan.

Apart from the above, you can get Amazon Prime subscription free for one year which is excellent. The Wync music, Airtel TV, and handset protection are free with this plan. Even you can get surprised data from 1 GB to 10 GB a month within this plan.

Why Airtel Introduce Airtel 649 My Plan Infinity

The battle started when Jio started providing unlimited Voice call and data. Though Airtel started the same at that time too, yet many of its customers started to shift to prepaid from postpaid, because almost benefits like the unlimited call, data, SMS were same. But for data usage, the old Airtel plans are not as much benefited as it.

Customer needs more data and if some data remain unused, they cannot use it later. Thus this plan is far different from old Airtel plans. The excellent benefit added with an add-on connection included this plan. Always Airtel My Plan is a plan for family and friends. Thus the add-on connection is duly designed with this offer.

How to Get New Airtel 649 Plan

Getting an Airtel postpaid connection is very easy. You can visit your nearest Airtel outlet, shop, or visit website www.airtel.in for new 649 plan. We know for getting a new connection your fingerprint as it is in Aadhar is just enough.

After getting a new connection you have to wait for max to max 4 hours to get the benefit of the connection. Though the waiting time may vary if there is any problem in the server, or network coverage issue. You have no need to change your old 3G smartphone to avail this connection. It works in both 3G and 4G handset as usual.

My Opinion

According to me, any postpaid plans are personally my favorite because you don’t have worry about your usage and validity. The plans automatically work within the billing cycle and you will get another 15 days more to pay the outstanding of last billing cycle. So, you don’t have to worry about interruption of your connection. Airtel My Plan 649 is one of the best choices according to me, simply because it provides more data, no charge in roaming, and one add-on connection.



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