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We know that health is wealth. People become busy due to the packed schedule. The busy schedule, monotonous lifestyle, excessive workload and the food habit make life more complicated.

From a child to an old person everybody is the victim of it. People wanna get rid of that. Thus to eradicate the problem there may be some solutions, and among them, the game is the first choice. Basically, there are two types of games – Indoor and Outdoor. Today I’m gonna discuss the Top 10 Indoor Game in 2018.

Indoor games are the activities carried out in the home or indoor faculty that has long enriched the mind, soul, and body of the human beings irrespective of age. The physical and mental development provided by the indoor games without outdoor inception, fear of weather turbulence and surrounding conditions, have made the indoor games the best and popular recreational sport of the world. Let’s see the best indoor games in this era.

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What are the Most Famous Indoor Games in This Era

This is the most demanding question that what are the most famous indoor games in this era. In the USA, people have a great passion for popular sports. However, when it is indoor games, this country is not far away.  There are lots of indoor Among them, according to me, these are better in comparison with others. Just have a look below.


Basketball was first invented by Canadian Dr. James Naismith while trying to keep his gym class active on a rainy day. The team sports with five players on each side has a simple objective to shoot a basketball through a hoop mounted high on a backboard at each end of the court. The ball can be only advanced on the court by passing it to the other members of the team or bouncing it while walking dribbling or running.

The sport not only promotes teamwork and concentration but also uplift mood and work as a tremendous stress buster.  As said by the famous basketball player:

Americans have a special place for basketball – the National Basketball Association [NBA] in the United States of America is the most significant professional basketball league in the world in terms of salaries talent and level of competition.


One of the ancient sport of the world boxing strengthens the body and the mind. The most celebrate the sport of all boxing provides a great learning experience for the boxers who train themselves to face humiliation after the loss and accept defeat to work harder for success. Boxing requires great physical fitness. A person can channelize into something positive like a sport using the Boxing. It is the combat indoor activity where that two people usually wearing protective gloves fight each other with punches and special techniques for a predetermined set of time in a boxing ring.

Boxing enhances the defensive skills of a person. Boxing is played at both amateur and professional level. The intensified popular sport is a regular at Olympics and Paralympics. Boxing is a sport where we can never take anything for granted. It can be easily compared with life and our struggles with the problems in life with the punches of the opponents.

The never-ending fighting spirit, the mental and physical strength, the endurance level of the boxers invoke the mind of the people with inspiration.


The highly energetic game of volleyball is played by two teams of six players each on either side of a high net each trying to ground the ball on the other team’s court. Catching the ball, throwing the ball outside the court consecutive contacts with the ball by the same team and net touching are considered as fouls.

Volleyball is essentially a game of transition from blocking, attack, digging, and serve. As an audience, it seems like a movement choreographed between teams with the volleyball. Volleyball also aims at the main prospects of any game -social benefits such as fostering friendships, constant interaction between teammates and cooperation. Volleyball also has various health benefits along with physical exercise, burning fat, improving muscle coordination, hand-eye coordination, aiming towards total physical fitness and mental relaxation.


Bowling is played in more than 90 countries by over 100 million people (70 million in the United States of America), while it might sound childish to people to indulge in getting hold of a huge ball just to knock down odd-shaped pins placed in a weird pattern at the end of an alley. People all over the world accept this game.

The earliest roots of the leisure activity -bowling came from ancient Egypt and also the Roman empire. When all pins are knocked down on the first roll it is called a strike whereas when the same is done on the second shot it is called a spare. Three consecutive strikes are known as a TURKEY. A string of consecutive strikes is called ‘bagger’ as in ‘four-bagger’. Five consecutive strikes have been given a special name- “Hambone”. Among the five main variations(Nine pin bowling, Ten-pin bowling, Candle-pin bowling, Deck-pin bowling, Five-pin bowling) found in North America, Ten-pin bowling having the largest and heaviest pin is the most popular in the United States of America.

Bowling besides being a fun activity with friends and family has various health benefits like strengthening muscles, exercising the human body and burning fat.


Swimming is the greatest recreational activity of all. It works towards our whole body physical fitness when we glide through the water using our limbs. Even the Swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports with various events of Butterfly stroke, Breaststroke, freestyle, Individual Medley and Backstroke. It is a sport that also helps in a healthy workout with lifelong mental and physical health benefits.

Swimming builds our muscle strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness decreasing the risk of chronic illness, hypertension and Type2 diabetes. Swimming is the best relaxation of the mind. It is like an individual interaction with the water that not only relaxes our nerves and mind but is extremely entertaining. Professional swimming is a popular career nowadays for people all over the world whose number keeps on increasing day by day.


Chess is one of the ancient strategy board games played between two players on a checkered board with sixty-four squares arranged in an 8*8 grid. It is the war between two minds, testing the concentration and mental strength of the players. Each player starts with 16 pieces – one King, one Queen, two rooks, two Knights, two Bishops, and eight Pawns. The whole game is dependent on the moves of these pieces.

Chess increases our mental ability and sharpness. It makes our mind wiser and clear-sighted. Chess is beyond any age limit, caste, creed, religion, and gender. It is not only a game but an enriching learning experience that enhances mental development,  memory, patience, will, and creativity.


An indoor variation of tennis player between two or four players on a board divided with small paddles and a lightweight ball is called Table Tennis. It’s a physical recreation of the body, mind, and soul. Table tennis is not only associated with physical agility and quick reflexes but also mental calmness and judgment of movements of the opponents and the ball. It may seem a simple game played on board but a lot difficult in person to play. It establishes the mind, works towards physical fitness, burns fat as well as helps in mental training of the mind with no risk factor in playing. The popular indoor game is played in the Olympics as well as it’s often described as “high-level chess” due to the tactical analysis required in the game.


Squash is a recreational activity played by 2 or 4 players who hit the hollow rubber ball with their racket into the playable surfaces of the walls of the enclosed court. It is becoming one of the fast-growing sport due to the excitement, rush and health benefits associated with it. The sport finding its place in the commonwealth game is huge advantageous – Cardiovascular health, coordination of muscles, a flexibility of the body and physical fitness of a person is improved playing squash. Squash works on your social developments by interaction and co-operation between players besides being a fun and leisure sport.


Lacrosse – The team sport played with lacrosse stick to carry, pass, catch and shoot the lacrosse ball into the goal. The most prominent international competition – World Lacrosse Championship dominated the USA. The box lacrosse is the indoor game immensely popular among the American youth. The contact sports people play with protection glass involving tremendous physical exercise, skill, and strength of body and mind. Lacrosse has a cultural background.

It is a traditional sport of the Iroquois people, New York and Pennsylvania. It has an importance in the social and religious life of tribes across the American Continents. Deep, concentration, teamwork, techniques, physical strength, agility, flexibility and mutual strength along with the spirit of combat is required by the players. Lacrosse is taken on a very serious level in America who has many world championship in it. Lacrosse boosts team spirit, co-operation but mainly it provides people with sheer enjoyment and relaxation.


Monopoly is the most popular board game of USA where players roll two dices to move around the board buying, trading properties, developing houses, hotels and collecting rent from opponents. It is base on the economic concept of monopoly, thus deriving its name from there. It has certain rules and players can end up in jail in the game. Players get a chance to gain money or lose through Community chest. It’s an immensely popular game gaining players around the world in every minute.

Due to small setup and no physical activity required it is even popular among bed-ridden adults and their grandchildren too. It is a pure fun recreational past time game which requires resources management skills. Anybody can play it with family members and thus become a communication bridge between players.

My Opinion

Indoor games are for all, so anybody can enjoy it. It reduces stress and boosts up energy. Everybody should take part in games and sports. It not only develops your health but also it helps to generate a sportsman spirit, which is very important in every part of life. There are lots of people who think they don’t have time to take part, for them if they want, they can manage a few hours for themselves which may affect their lives excellently. Games and sports help a man to be energetic and fit.



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Very good article…waiting for another article same like that….

Krishnendu Das · July 25, 2019 at 3:13 am

Dear Shovan Ghoshal, Your “TOP 10 INDOOR GAME LIST 2018” are many many informative and helpful for me. Thanks for shear this type of article. I hope you shear much information like this in the future.

    Shovan Ghoshal · July 25, 2019 at 4:14 am

    Thank You very much Krishnendu Das.

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