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Do you have any idea about indoor play for kids? Or can you avoid the importance to get to know you games for kids for both physical and mental development? In this article, I am trying to cover the importance of activities for kids with my own choice.

Have you ever heard this proverb? If you have heard, then know the meaning of it. Please comment below if you know other meaning of it.

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy

Let me explain it first. We all know every proverb has hidden meaning which sometimes carries a message. Its deeper meaning is people may get bored if they always involve in their activities.

Playing serves for rejuvenation, entertainment and exercise-both physical and mental. You must be aware that when kids get stressed with their studies, their efficiency level decreases.

In such circumstances, a good deal of entertaining physical and mental activities helps them to get refreshed and re-energized by indoor play for kids. So games and sports contribute immensely to your child’s growth and development and is a must to keep your budding child all the healthier and fit.

Ranging from Hiding and seek to Football there are numerous wonderful outdoor games available at your disposal. But this gigantic list of outdoor games seems to betray you when weather extremities hit hard. Isn’t it?

You are often at a loss for what to do when you are locked up with your kids in the mundane atmosphere of four walls. You can’t let the kids get all chaotic and bored.

Are you looking for the best playtime for your kids in the comfort of your home? If so then here I have chalked out a list of some interesting indoor games for kids of all times which will surely be a rescue to your worries and an excellent boredom buster for your kids.

Indoor games for Kids of 2-5 year’s old

This is the age when your kids slowly step out from their own world of ignorance and start to know the outside world which lies around them. Introducing them to the new world of knowledge and experience is a task that every parent wants to accomplish in the best possible way. To make this process more interesting and learning you can take the help of these fun games mentioned below.

Let’s see.

Spying game

This game is a fantastic medium for your kids to improve their quality of keen observation and identification of different objects lying around them. One participant can start the game by choosing something that is lying in the room and then hint at it by mentioning some of its features, says for example “I am spying on a furry and soft object”. Others will have to look around the room carefully and identify the object hinted at (here a soft toy). The kids can make the guess turn by turn. It is one of the most interesting indoor games for kids.

Fun learn

You can start the game by writing A on a blank sheet. Then pass on the sheet to each kid one by one and ask them to write the next letter. The one failing to catch on the right letter that follows is out. You can play the same game by replacing letters with numbers and playfully engage your kids in revising the alphabet and numbers. This is one of the best activities for kids.

Tape track

Take a tape roll and use it to draw narrow tracks on the floor. Mark different destination which the tracks lead to (for e.g.-hospital, school, swimming pool, park, etc.).Now instruct your kids to move to a specific destination without stepping out from the track. This game can help your child to learn the art of managing one’s steps in order to reach the desired destination without getting distracted. You can say that this is one type of puzzle games for kids.

Touch and say what

This game genuinely serves to improve your child’s sense of touch. To play this game you have to blindfold a kid and put any object on a surface near him (say an apple or a ball or a toy car etc.).Now help his hands to reach the object and let him guess what object it is only by touching. Give him 4-5 chances to guess and train your child’s mind to identify things without seeing it.

List of children games for 6-11-year-old Children

Here is some interesting list of indoor play for kids which is actually are activities for kids and definitely develop the growth of your children. So, get to know you games for kids.

Indoor Games with tape

We have got some excellent ideas from Whatmomslove.com. Collect a tape roll and be ready to play these fun games with your kids. That game is probably one of the most interesting indoor play for kids in all time.

Shape with Tape

Make different types of shapes (for e.g. – square, rectangle, triangle, letters like L, T, etc. or numbers) on your floor. Ask your child to take a position on their favorite shape and then instruct them to move to the next landing place (e.g.-lizard crawl to the triangle; jump to the adjacent square; walk to the L etc.).Let your child follow your instructions and involve them in a funny yet energy-burning activity.

Square and numbers

Use the tape to make a big square on your floor. Now divide the square into a number of smaller squares and mark each square with a random number. Instruct your kid to move to a specific square by making a particular movement (for example- Go Zig-Zag to 11; Wave your hands like a bird’s wings and move to 7; Hop to 4 etc.)

indoor play for kids
Indoor play for Kids

Pencil and paper games

Why? Because

Each participant will have to take a piece of paper and pen down a question starting with ‘Why’ (for example, why does the sunshine?). You can help the kids to form the questions in case they are perplexed. Hide the question by folding the sheet and pass it to the next player. He/she has to write an answer beginning with ‘Because’ without looking at the question (for example, Because I am feeling hungry).

After the whole procedure is done and all the kids have got the chance to write one question and one answer each, read out all the questions along with their respective answers and enjoy the echoes of heartfelt laughter. This is one of the ideal indoor games for kids of 6 to 11 years.

Building words

The first participant will have to write down a letter. Then the second participant adds a letter to it, with a word in his or her mind. The third participant then adds another letter, proceeding to build a word. The process continues until no one can further add any letter. One participant can challenge the other if he thinks that the latter has no words in his mind and the one losing the challenge is out. This funny games to play is great for enhancing your child’s vocabulary.

Narrate your own tale

Ask one of the kids to make a story of his own (you can suggest the subject if necessary) and narrate it to the other kids. Each kid will get a chance to narrate his self-made story. Beside you may also ask the kids to narrate their own experiences (e.g.-tour to some places with family; the first day at school, most funny incident in school life, etc.). This creative games for kids will certainly be a very good option to get relief of boredom and give a boost to your child’s creative faculty. It will also help to improve the interactive qualities of your child.


Give your kids a creative task and ask them to complete it together as a team (e.g.-build a shoebox). Provide them with the required materials. You may also guide them a bit if required. Let them apply their own creativity to finish the task. Let them learn to work as a team. After all, united we stand, divided we fall. This is one of the best child games.

Games for both 2-5 and 6-11 age groups:

If you are looking for the best indoor games for kids, for both 2-5 years and 6-11 years, then never miss this section. Here is a list of top child games.

Balloon Games

A balloon is an all-time object of attraction for kids. Their eyes at once lit up at the sight of this light, bouncy, alluringly colorful thing. Let’s add to their excitement by engaging them in some entertaining movements with balloons.

Keep the balloon from touching the ground

This game follows a simple rule i.e. push the balloon up in the air and keep it from touching the floor. To increase the difficulty level you may use more than one balloon and let your kids make continuous body movements in order to prevent the balloons from touching the ground. This game is very good for boosting your child’s arm-strength and hand-eye coordination.

Balloon blowing

Take a few deflated balloons and ask your kids to blow air into them within a given time (eg-60 secs).The kid blowing the biggest balloon wins. The winner can then order his fellow friends to do something entertaining or funny (like imitate a crow, recite a poem, make any funny movement, etc.). Remember that blowing is an excellent exercise for our lungs.

Here are some other games with Balloon. Go through the list if you want your kids to play simple games.

  • Handball with balloons
  • Football with balloons
  • Water ball with balloons
  • Tap the balloon (hang a balloon from a height and ask your child to jump and tap the balloon with his hands or head.)

Balloon games are also known as one of the most interesting and famous indoor games for kids.

List of indoor games for teenagers

You must be knowing that adolescents undergo several pubertal developments. At this stage, your child may find it to be a bit difficult to interact with the outside world, especially with the opposite gender. Girls may get uncomfortable to participate in heavy games during their periods. But isolation is not an option that we can count on. Keeping this in mind I have made a list of indoor games for teenagers that will allow every adolescent to participate without any hesitation or uneasiness.

Catch the lyrics

In this article, we are looking for indoor play for kids. But We cannot ignore our growing kids or teenagers. Now come to catch the lyrics.

Write down 3-4 lines of any song and make sure to keep some words missing and left them as blanks. Now ask the other participants to guess the missing words. You can give 2-3 chances to each player then pass on to the next player if the former fails to make correct guesses. The participants can take turns in writing the lyrics of their favorite songs and allowing others to guess the missing words. Is it not an interesting indoor play for kids?

Two lies and two truths:

Distribute an equal number of toffees among all the participants. Now each participant will have to make four statements about himself/herself, two lies and two truths. Others are allowed to make a guess about the truth/falsehood of the statements.

On making a wrong guess one will have to give away one of his/her toffees to the person who has pronounced the statements and on making a right guess he/she will get a toffee from that person. This is also one of the best indoor play for kids who are actually growing.


Anthyakshari is a popularly known Indian indoor game played mostly by teens. Here each participant needs to sign the first line of a song which begins with the letter on which the previous participant’s song ended. This game will surely fill your leisure time with a spontaneous overflow of melody.

Dumb Charades

Dumb charades is basically an indoor play for kids where you have to guess a word from the body language of the denner. The word may belong to a particular theme (e.g. Hollywood/Bollywood movie names; names of books, names of food items, etc.). This is one of the most interesting indoor play for kids.

For playing the game you can divide the participants into two groups. Each participant may take turns in enacting a word or phrase suggested by the opponent group. The denner needs to make intelligible bodily gestures in order to convey the word to his/her team members without using any verbal means. You may fix the time limit.

There are certain rules which the denner have to abide by while playing the game. These rules may slightly vary for different groups of people playing the game across different parts of the world. This game has remarkable indoor activities among teens and well as youths.

Miscellaneous Activities for Kids

Indoor play for kids has lots of variations. I have discussed indoor activities before. Apart from the above-mentioned lists here, I have made another Miscellaneous activity for Kids which consists of the most commonly known indoor activities. You will get all the instructions to play them in Wikipedia. Please select the games as they suit your child’s maturity and preferences.

  • Word games
  • Quiz game/mind spot
  • Card games
  • Chess
  • Monopoly and backgammon
  • Ludo
  • Table tennis
  • Badminton
  • Jumping rope/Skipping rope.

Click here to know the Top 7 List of Indoor Games.

In this era of instant gratification mobile games are becoming increasingly popular among children and adults. But only a few people are actually aware of the hazards of mobile games. According to research, mobile games when played excessively, have tremendous side effects which may include the following:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Distraction from other important tasks of life
  • Weak eyesight and many more.

Thus, mobile games are not an ideal indoor play for kids. It cannot always be a wise choice for your kids’ entertainment. Teach your kids to make constructive usage of technologies without keeping their health at stake. Give them good books to read, tell those stories with higher moral values, spend time with them and try to maintain good communication with your kids. This is a kind of the best indoor play for kids. It is also one of the best indoor activities for mainly the time of seasonal changes.

Playing indoor activities can be a great way to be friends with your kids. The indoor play for kids that I have made contains some of the most popularly played indoor games. But if we have to make a list covering all the indoor play for kids which are being played across different parts of the world through the ages, then the list will surely be as long as Rapunzel’s hair.

My Opinion

So while going through indoor play for kids, if you are going back to the memory lane of your own childhood days then you must be remembering the games that were integral parts of fun games to play when you’re bored. Pass on the knowledge of those games to your kids and let those games survive for generation after generation.

Reference: Whatmomslove.com, Wikipedia.org


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