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What do you do with your kids during Halloween parties? How about engaging those little munchkins with some fun games!

Needless to mention that Halloween parties for kids are always supposed to be a lot of fun. A good deal of candies and a considerable amount of adrenaline from horror movies are sure to produce a lot of energy and you have got to burn it anyway.  So, what to do to burn the fuel and set the fire on?

Here I have listed a number of Halloween games for your kid’s play. All the games that I have listed here use items that you can easily have at your disposal. Most probably you are already in the possession of those and after a bit of digging, you are going to have a thick bunch of Halloween games ready for your kids.

I bet that you will surely find these Halloween party games great for multiple purposes. Let it be Kid’s Halloween parties, Halloween classroom parties or pass time at home these games will boost your kid’s fun to another level for sure.

Among all the Halloween games for kids, 5 games have impressed me the most.

I have explained these games in detail.

Besides, I have also mentioned some other Halloween games that can come to rescue your kids from boredom during the Halloween parties.

Halloween mystery box Games:

The Halloween mystery box game is one among the most favorite Halloween party games.  This game makes you reach into some dark boxes and feel the items that are kept inside it.

The items are generally gross ones- guts, eyeballs, fingers etc. These items are actually made up of everyday items. You have to guess the identity of the items.

This game is also known by some other names such as- Halloween touchy box, Halloween feel box, Halloween sensory box etc.

How do you create your Halloween Mystery Box for your kid?

In the very first place, you need to find out a suitable container where you can put the gross items.

Here get some ideas of some everyday items that are probably lying around you:

  1. Cereal boxes
  2. Old tiffin boxes
  3. Tissue boxes
  4. Shoe boxes
  5. Moving boxes

Next, you have to make a hole in each one of the boxes. The hole should be big enough to allow your kid’s hand through it. But make sure that the hole is small enough that you can’t get to see what’s there inside the mystery box.

You can give an extra skittish touch to your Halloween mystery box by painting eerie things on it, for example- spider webs, skeleton, horrible faces, etc.

You may also put the boxes together in a way that it assumes the shape of a coffin.

What to put inside your mystery boxes!

You have to put some really gross items in each of your feel boxes. When the kid puts his hand inside the box, he should have a really horrible feeling, but in reality, it is just any ordinary item from your household.

Get some ideas about what you can put inside your feel boxes-

  1. You can use peeled grapes as eyeballs
  2. Baby carrots can be used for toes
  3. Dried apricots for ears
  4. Streamed cauliflowers as brain
  5. Candy corn as vampire’s teeth
  6. Elbow macaroni can also be used to give a feel of teeth
  7. You may use dried pasta as bones
  8. Cooked noodles will actually feel like guts when touched
  9. Use peeled tomatoes for heart
  10. Steel wool will feel like hair
  11. interest tortilla as skin
  12. You can put peanut butter inside dried apricots. It will seem to be ear wax.
  13. End of a mushroom can be used for nose
  14. Sliced melon will work as a tongue
  15. You can fill a rubber glove with flour or sand. It will give the feel of a dead hand when touched.

How to play this game!

Let me tell you that the actual objective of playing this game is to guess the actual items inside the boxes. It can increase your kids’ power of sensing and identifying the objects around them.

Let each kid feel the contents inside the box by sliding their hand inside it through the hole. Then ask the players to write down on a notebook what they think the item actually is.

The player who makes the highest number of correct guesses is the winner.

Halloween Jinx Game:

Have you heard about this brilliant game before?

Halloween Jinx is basically a classic party game that throws a challenge to your kid’s memory power.

The game uses certain words as taboo and your kids have to try not pronouncing the words throughout the Halloween party.

Believe me, it’s not going to be easy but the game is sure to produce a lot of healthy laughter.

The Halloween game is actually an all-purpose game. It will go with any size of the party be it small or large.

Do you know that the Halloween Jinx game is also popularly known as the Forbidden word game?

List of some taboo words:

The best thing will be to list down only 4-5 jinx words. If you add too many words on the list then it will be a bit tough for the kids to remember all of them.

Make sure to choose words that are not too common but they will surely come up repeatedly during the party.

I have listed some words for you but you can definitely use words of your own choice too:

  1. Witch
  2. Ghost
  3. 31st
  4. October
  5. 30th
  6. Candy
  7. Scary
  8. Spooky
  9.  Creepy
  10. Midnight
  11. Dark
  12. Pumpkin
  13. Shadow
  14. Costume
  15. Blood

How do you play this game!

As the kids gather together in the party hand them a card on which the taboo words are listed. The Set of words should be common for each payer. Instruct them properly that these are forbidden words for the night’s party and they have to keep themselves from pronouncing any of the words.

When a player hears another player uttering any of the forbidden words, they have to yell ‘Jinx’. The kid who said any forbidden words will get disqualified from the game and his/her card will be taken away.

Finally the kid who haven’t uttered any taboo word is the winner of the game. Now, if this there is no one to not have uttered any of these forbidden words, the winner will be the kid who has pronounced taboo words the least number of times during the party.

Candy corn Relay Game:

You must add the Candy Corn Relay game to the list of your kids’ Halloween game. Believe me, this game will be pure fun. Your kids are going to love running while balancing their candy corn (yummy!!) on a spoon!

To be honest, the favourite part of my Halloween holiday is the candy corn. What’s yours?

I can’t really resist my temptations when it comes to sweets. I think sweet is a weakness of many of many of us who are struggling to maintain a balance diet. Isn’t it?

What all do you need to play this game!

To play this fun game you just need to possess some of the everyday items. You will probably find these items lying around you already:

  • First of all you need to collect a good deal of candy corn to play this game with your kids. The candy corn will also serve as sweet treats for the kids.
  • Find some plastic cones or White, orange, yellow construction paper or some other obstacles.
  • Get some spoons from your kitchen
  • Don’t forget to bring a big bowl too
  • Arrange a tape and scissors.

Instructions to play the game:

By now you must be wondering about how to play this game with your kids!

Here I have the answer for you.

First of all you have to set up the relay course for your kids. You can make some candy corn cones with construction paper. For this you just have to cut orange, yellow and white papers into strips and tape them together in the shape of a cone. Regular plastic cones or any object can also serve as obstacles.

In the second step you have to place a candy corn filled bowl on one end of the race course and an absolutely empty bowl on the other end.

Ask the first kid in the line to take a few pieces of candy corn in his spoon and carefully move through the course to reach the other end where he have to dump the pieces into the empty bowl placed over there. He then runs back to the initial point to handover the spoon to the next player.

The rest of the players will keep repeating the same process one by one. This has to be done until the candy corn get completely scooped from the first container to the second one.

Wrap the Mummy

Mummy wrap is undoubtedly a fantastic Halloween game for your kids. Make sure to find a considerable supply of cheap loo rolls before you start with this game with your little energy balls!

The word mummy is itself enough to add some gruesome flavour to the Halloween eve. Isn’t it?

How to play!

You have to divide the kids into groups of two. One kid of the team will be a Mummy and guess what! The other one will have to wrap him up using the toilet paper until he appears like a standing mummy!

You have to select some good music beforehand. As soon as you start playing the music the teams can start the wrapping activity. Try to choose some exciting Halloween songs, Monster Mash for example. The kids have to stop the moment you turn off the music.

The team who has wrapped the maximum of mummy wins.

You can make the game a lot more exciting for the older kids by turning off the light as soon as the music starts to play. It will make it much more challenging to wrap the Mummy and this will certainly create a lot of laughter.

The Dress-up Relay Game

If you play this game with your kids in a Halloween party then the part is sure to witness a lot of giggles and fun.

What do you need for playing Dress-up relay Game?

You need some simple items to play:

  • Two boxes
  • Clothes- scarves, pants, hats, skirts, shirts, boots, jackets, gloves, tops etc.

Instructions to play:

You have to fill two boxes with equal number of clothing. Make sure that the clothes are big enough to fit all the kids.

Put the boxes at one end of the hall.

Now split the players into two groups.

In case there are an odd number of kids, one player of the team that has lesser number of players will be given two turns.

Make the teams form two lines at the end of the hall which is opposite the suitcase.

As the game starts, the first player from each group will run to one of the boxes. He will then wear all the clothes in the box over the clothes that he is already wearing.

After a player is done with wearing all the clothes in the box, he then have to quickly put off all the dress-up clothes, keep them back into the box, and run back to the end of his group’s line.

Then all the players will take their turn one by one.

The team which finishes it job first wins.

Apartfrom these top 5 Halloween games for your kids, you can also go for the options that I have mentioned below:

Halloween Freeze Boogie

Play any Halloween music and let the kids dance until the tune is turned off. As soon as the music goes of the players have to freeze.

If a player fails to freeze then he will be eliminated. The last player to survive us the winner.

You can visit “thespruce.com” to get a detailed description of the following Halloween party games:

Pass if the horror story

In this scary Halloween party game for kids you have to narrate ghost stories in a round robin fashion.

Wiggle worm Race

This game will have your kids moving and doing a good deal if physical activities.

The kids here form a worm. Then they maneuver from one spot to the other while trying to keep their worms uncircumcised.

The game can be played by grouping the players or all the kids can play if together to have a lot of fun.

The Scare-crow race:

This game will engage your kids in a fun relay race. Here, the players run in groups in order to dress a scarecrow.

There is yet another variation of this game where you have to build a scarecrow as fast as possible.

Pumpkin Hockey

Your kids are going to love this game a lot. Believe me, a lot!

Here they take a hockey stick to hit a mini pumpkin and compete over how far the pumpkins go.

  • Ghost Hunter
  • Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin:

In this engaging Halloween game you have to blindfold your kids and ask them to pin the stem on the pumpkin.

Get hold of some pumpkins and stems beforehand.

How Many Halloween Candies Guessing Games

Get yourself a jar. Fill the jar with candies and let the little players compete to find out the number of candies in the jar.

The one who wins can take the jar with the home.

Halloween Eviction

This Halloween party game is based on a twisted theme of musical chairs.

Sounds interesting!

Apart from stopping at the moment, the music stops, the players will also get eliminated based on which Halloween image they are stepping on.

Halloween Guess Who Game

This game will have you tape a character’s name on your kids’ backs and helping them to figure out who the character is by giving some clues.

Pass the Pumpkin Game

This game is somewhat similar to the Hot potato game with which you might be quite familiar.

Here, the kids have to pass mini pumpkins while music is played. The kid who gets caught holding the pumpkin the moment the music stops is eliminated.

And guess what! Even the littlest kids can enjoy playing this game as it is a super easy one.

Which of the above mentioned games did you like the most? I think all of these have their own flavour of fun and excitement. You can choose the games depending on your convinces such as- number of kids present in the party, the size of the hall, the materials available with you, the smartness and strength of your kids, the age group of the kids, how much time you have for games etc.

The best part of Halloween is of course talking to your kids, spending quality time with them, knowing about their wishes, decorating the house together with them and dressing up for Halloween party.

Plenty of sweets and snacks are more than enough to add to the fun and contentment for sure. After all Halloween is no less than a golden opportunity to pamper your mini munchkins with lots of candies and stuffing them with heartfelt laughter.


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