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When it comes to staying hydrated all day of the year, the best answer is always the same old plain water. There can be no other alternative to it. All being said and know, still, plenty of people like to start a day with other beverages like tea and coffee or milk and mix up their day with other drinks.

There are a lot of choices before us ranging from commercially promoted diet soda to exciting menu presented to us at our favorite restaurants. Artificially sweetened drinks are available everywhere along with the presence of some amazing great number of healthy drinks which are natural and have nutrition value.

In this age of chaos and busy life, we already seem to take very little care of our health. It’s always better not to hamper our health with the sugary frizzy drinks found everywhere when we got a whole range of best nutrition drinks natural health drinks to choose from. Some healthy beverages. Can not only do great favors to our health but can also spice up our taste buds so that won’t get bored in living a healthier life.

How much water do you usually take in a day? Are you really getting important nutrients from simply water? According to nutritionists, the water is not only an important nutrition drink. There are lots of other best nutrition drinks which help you to refresh your health and mind. Your refreshment is your primary key to success. So, USP is how energetic you are. Today I’m gonna to talk about Best Nutrition Drinks which is one of the most important needs of life to be healthy and wealthy.

Best Nutrition Drinks

Gladly, so, Best Nutrition Drinks?? Here’s your answer – just have a look.


“Coconut water is a healthy drink” will be an understatement. Though adding multiple bottles of coconut water to your system is not all recommended (due to sugar). It is among one of the top contenders in the list of Best Nutrition Drinks. Being rich in carbohydrates, chlorides, Potassium, and Sodium. It is often considered the best refreshing drink after morning walks or workouts. Protein/carbohydrates are effective in refreshing the body as well as provide to be a source to stimulate muscle growth. Carbohydrates are the main in this process, without carbohydrate, the protein will be metabolized and are not used to generate muscle protein synthesis.

Several sports drinks are manufactured solely designated for this job whereas coconut water, provides us with all the benefits naturally at a lower cost. Coconut water contains anti-oxidants that protect cells from free radicals (Free radicals is a good source of magnesium which increases insulin sensitivity and reduces blood sugar. It prevents kidney stress by reducing crystal and stone formation. Coconut water is effective in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol. Thus, besides hydrating the body and electrolyzing the fluids, coconut water has all-around health benefits.


Hot chocolate is a very popular drink nowadays which is a cozy drink usually enjoyed during the cold season. It is not immensely popular all around the year among the masses for its taste but it does wonders for our health. Dark chocolate contains tryptophan, an amino acid that increases production of serotonin. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter responsible for having a positive mood. It makes us happy, reducing depression. Cocoa is rich in polyphenols protect cells from oxidation damage. The tasty delight hot chocolate reduces blood pressure, cholesterol and improves insulin sensitivity.


What are the Best Nutrition Drinks


The bright yellow citrus fruit – Lemon – apart from cleaning and scenting our house it also improves our health. Adding flavor to water, with a pleasant smell and sour flavor it conditions the skin. Lemon water improves hair health as well as add years to our life. Many people believe lemon water with honey in the morning can easily help to reduce fat content in one’s body. When it comes to Vitamin C only a single Lemon can meet our daily need for Vitamin C.


What are the Best Nutrition Drinks

Tea is only behind water when counted among the most widely enjoyed beverage in the world. Green tea contains the highest amount of powerful anti-oxidants – polyphenols that protect cells from carcinogens (cancer-causing substances) and reduces the growth of tumor thereby neutralizing free radicals in the body. Green tea made from unfermented leaves make to the best nutrition drinks around the world. It reduces the risk of osteoporosis, cancer, heart diseases, and cavities. The anti-oxidizing properties of Green Tea relax blood vessels and guard us against heart diseases and strokes. Green tea also contains fluoride, that helps in strengthening teeth. It is said that Green tea with mild exercise helps to reduce fats in our body.


Green leafy vegetables are always the best for vitamin and minerals. But they can also be used in drinks which us hydrated.  Vegetable drinks help to detox our body. large amounts of VITAMINS- A, C, E, K are present in dark green leafy vegetables.  A large number of carotenoids (a type of antioxidants) protect our body from cellular damage and inhibit the growth of carcinogens.  The dark leafy green vegetable drinks have a large amount of vitamin k which prevent inflammation and protect us from osteoporosis.  It does immense wonders for our skin.

The green leafy vegetable drinks bring a glow to our skin and rejuvenate it.  It improves blood circulation and cardiovascular health. The following present in green leafy vegetables prevents birth defects. Along with high amounts of vitamins, these green leafy vegetable drinks have a large amount of calcium, fibers, iron, magnesium, and potassium. They are the best kind of nutrition drinks anyone can ask for.


KEFIR is one of the Best Nutrition Drinks at this time. It is a fermented milk drink from the Caucasus and eastern Europe. It is a probiotic drink that promotes efficient digestion. Kefir fights against pathogens and helps in boosting energy levels. Researches have shown that kefir is very useful against various problems like constipation, Crohn’s disease, ulcers, and Candida. It can help alleviate celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome.


No other fruit is as crunchy, thirst quenching and more hydrating than watermelon. It is the natural source of most of the powerful antioxidants. Carotene antioxidants -Lycopene helps in reducing the risk of prostate cancer. It is refreshing, as well as one of the tastiest natural best nutrition drinks for all.


PARSLEY is a Mediterranean herb that is often used for a nice presentation on our plate. The parsley juice decreases the risk of breast, prostate and skin cancer. It is also rich in aligning. Aligning has a strong anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory property which makes the parsley juice a lot more desirable. Parsley protects the body from disorders like asthma, atherosclerosis, diabetes, colon cancer and many more.  Parsley juice has also proven to improve cardiovascular health.


Aloe Vera gel has been the most famous component in the world for beauty products overages. When aloe Vera is added to water with lemon and a little organic sweetener, one of the tastiest and the most refreshing drink is ready before us. The main constituents of the drink are aloe-emoting, which possesses anticancer properties.  The Aloe Vera juice alleviates headaches, ulcers, arthritis, coughs and eases constipation. Aloe Vera as in outside does wonders to the skin while Aloe Vera juice internally rejuvenates the skin, cleanses as well as improves the health of our hair.


BASIL or famously known as Tulsa is called the “queen of herbs” in Ayurveda. The famous Basil tea has shown to protect our cells from damage by pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and other toxic stuff. It can prevent our body from the potential risk of metal poisoning. The potent adaptive present in Basil leaves help our mind and body to cope with physical emotional as wells as mental stress. Basil tea has been widely used by the masses in irritable conditions like fever, cough, arthritis, ringworm, and I sect bites. The intake of basil tea is said to bring a soothing effect on our body along with its other health benefits.


Cranberries are used in the form of juices, sauces, stuffing, and decorations. These are rich in materials that are essential for all round development of our body. Cranberries possess components that protect the human body from cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Cranberry juices are the best to prevent urinary tract infection. It helps keep the body hydrated and improve inflammation. Cranberry juice is one of the Best Nutrition Drinks and a very popular refreshing drink for a stress buster.

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Mint is a well-known antispasmodic. It relaxes muscles and combats stiffness and aches. This mint tea is a very good alternative beverage that not only eases cramps but helps in aiding in digestion by promoting the movement of food through the digestive tract.


What are the Best Nutrition Drinks

Orange juice is quite commonly a favorite among juices. It is not only a rich source of vitamin C but also a potent antioxidant. Oranges protect us against a variety of diseases like cataract, cancer, birth defects.  The intake of vitamin C rich Orange juice prevent our body from cellular damage and improves immunity. Calcium-fortified orange juices provide extra benefit to bone protection.


Kampuchea is a fermented probiotic drink that helps to prevent diseases, increases immunity against infection and fights bacteria. It supports a healthy gut. Kampuchea also improves mental state by reducing the stress. It controls diabetes and maintains a healthy liver and cardiovascular system.

Why Health Drinks are Essential

Fruit juices filled with artificial coloring, unhealthy additives, and sugar, lack dietary fibers. Soft drinks put us to the risk of weight gain and Dental Caries. these fruit juices, soft drinks, energy drinks and sports drinks that are costly as well as have some side effects. Instead of these, the best natural and nutrition drinks, mentioned above in the article, are much healthier as well as refreshing and tasty.

All the drinks replenish the vitamins and minerals lost during illness or exercises. They keep the body hydrated and also improves our skin. Why opt for anything else when these natural health drinks are the best for our body? For the healthy wellbeing of our family and ourselves let turn towards nature and natural drinks!!


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